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Welcome to The Scrumpy Dubbers

You only have to look at the roads on any given day and you can be sure sooner or later you will spot an old V-Dub! be it a Splitty, A Bay, A Beetle, a Trekker or any of the other variants. That's just how popular aircooled Volkswagens are.

A friendly wave from driver to driver as you pass another vehicle or that conversation opener as you find another like minded Dubber parked in the pub or supermarket car park!

There surely is no other type of vehicle that commands such a following as the Volkswagen does. Welcome to The Scrumpy Dubbers. A family based club for those with a passion for the aircooled engine.

And remember, Don't think of them as those unreliable things that are always breaking down on the side of the road, It's only that there are so many of them that you see so many noticeable vehicles. Which vehicle today could be relied upon to still be going in around 45 years? Not many!!

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Dubs at The Mill 2017 - CAMPING SOLD OUT

Published: 2016-12-12 20:07:43

Camping is sold out. Day tickets are available at the gate on the day - £5 per adult, under 14's free....



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